lunes, 19 de febrero de 2007

Senior-Level Linux Cert Launched


Alliteration notwithstanding, the Linux Professional Institute has launched a new, vendor-neutral certification track aimed at senior-level Linux professionals. The track was developed jointly with LPIs Japan affiliate, according to a press release posted on the LPI Web site.

The LPI Level 3 track was announced on Feb. 1, but the track goes live as the new LPI-3 exams become available for the first time at the FOSDEM 2007 event in Brussels, Belgium on Feb. 24.

The LPI-3 consists of a single, core skills exam, dubbed the LPI 301, that covers authentication, troubleshooting, network integration and capacity planning skills.

In order to obtain LPI-3 status, candidates have to pass the LPI 301 exam as well as already possess a current LPI-2 title. The LPI 301 exam, however, can be taken out of sequence of the other exams needed for the LPI-2 title. (View the exam objective guide here.)

Specialty exams labeled 302 through 306 are also being developed for the LPI-3 track. So far, the LPI Web site does list LPI 302: Mixed Environments, which tests skills working with Samba and working with Linux in a mixed, multi-user environment, according to the exam objective guide posted here.

Exams can be taken through Pearson Vue and Prometric testing centers. Exam prices have recently gone up; in the U.S., theyre now $150.

To find out more about the LPI certifications, exam objectives and sample tests, go here. (The LPI-3 exams were beta tested back in October 2006;

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