lunes, 19 de febrero de 2007

Senior-Level Linux Cert Launched


Alliteration notwithstanding, the Linux Professional Institute has launched a new, vendor-neutral certification track aimed at senior-level Linux professionals. The track was developed jointly with LPIs Japan affiliate, according to a press release posted on the LPI Web site.

The LPI Level 3 track was announced on Feb. 1, but the track goes live as the new LPI-3 exams become available for the first time at the FOSDEM 2007 event in Brussels, Belgium on Feb. 24.

The LPI-3 consists of a single, core skills exam, dubbed the LPI 301, that covers authentication, troubleshooting, network integration and capacity planning skills.

In order to obtain LPI-3 status, candidates have to pass the LPI 301 exam as well as already possess a current LPI-2 title. The LPI 301 exam, however, can be taken out of sequence of the other exams needed for the LPI-2 title. (View the exam objective guide here.)

Specialty exams labeled 302 through 306 are also being developed for the LPI-3 track. So far, the LPI Web site does list LPI 302: Mixed Environments, which tests skills working with Samba and working with Linux in a mixed, multi-user environment, according to the exam objective guide posted here.

Exams can be taken through Pearson Vue and Prometric testing centers. Exam prices have recently gone up; in the U.S., theyre now $150.

To find out more about the LPI certifications, exam objectives and sample tests, go here. (The LPI-3 exams were beta tested back in October 2006;

Vista Exams Go Back to Beta Testing


According to the most recently issued MCP Newsflash, Microsofts Learning Group has decided to put a few of its new-generation MCP exams for Vista back into development phase. Affected are exams for the IT Professional level certifications: 70-621 Pro: Upgrading your MCDST Certification to MCITP Enterprise Support; 70-622 Pro: Microsoft Desktop Support-Enteprise; and 70-623 Pro: Microsoft Desktop Support-Consumer.

"In the interest of maintaining the quality of Microsoft Certifications ... we need to add content" to those exams, said the group in the e-mail.

Exam 70-621 was originally beta tested between Dec. 20, 2006 and Jan. 12. 2007, with availability originally slated for late January. Exam 70-623 originally went under the beta microscope between Jan. 26 and Feb. 8.

According to the exam objective guides, these exams will head back into test development, with betas spanning March and April. The exams are expected to go live in May, according to the MCP Newsflash.

Unaffected by the delay is exam 70-620, which was generally available mid-January.

On another note, Exam 70-624 makes its debut on Valentines Day. The exam isnt for the fainthearted, though, with Microsoft recommending candidates for the exam to have expertise managing desktop deployments and migrations using many of the business deployment tools Microsoft provides in Vista, as well as its Business Desktop Deployment Workbench and Application Compatibility Toolkit. Those who pass the exam immediately earn the MCTS: Deploying and Maintaining Vista Client and Office System 2007 Desktops certification.

sábado, 10 de febrero de 2007

Objetivo de MCPLand


La demanda de Profesionales Certificados aumenta hoy en día es un Plus, pero cada vez se hace un requisito, dado el alto costo de los cursos presénciales hemos adoptado el Auto estudió como herramienta para lograr nuestros objetivos y el propósito de esta comunidad es apoyarnos entre nosotros en este camino. Entonces nuestro objetivo se traduce en “Dado que la demanda de profesionales CERTFICADOS aumenta, nosotros Impulsamos el Auto estudió como camino valido para lograr nuestras metas”. Te invitamos a ser parte de esta aventura.

Martin Ojeda Knapp